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Since 1998, The Bulletin Magazine has been delivered monthly, 10 times a year directly to the doorsteps of residents and business owners in East Gwillimbury and surrounding areas.


When I took over the magazine from Christine Benns (founder) in 2014, someone asked me what direction I was planning to take

The Bulletin in. All I could think of to say was, "I want it to be different than all the others. It should be the one thing you won't pitch in the recycling bin before you've read it." I hope we're succeeding!


Over the past few years, The Bulletin has evolved into something unique, interesting, and community-oriented. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, I hope you'll give us a look. This is your community and The Bulletin is your magazine.  - Blair, Publisher

Welcome to The Bulletin Magazine...

I wanted to be an editor or a journalist, I wasn't really interested in being an entrepreneur, but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going.

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(March 2018):

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The Bulletin Writing Team

Blair Matthews - The Boss

Vicki Pinkerton - Columnist

Michayla Fraser - Columnist

Alexandria Lipani - Columnist

Blair is our editor, publisher, and Grand Poobah at the Bulletin. He also oversees the advertising & design, takes photos in and around East Gwillimbury and writes most of the Bulletin's feature stories.

We inherited Vicki when the Bulletin changed hands in 2014 - and what a treasure she is! Vicki lives just outside Mount Albert and she devotes her life to community and the stories that make us who we are.

Michayla grew up in Holland Landing and is currently a Brock University Sports Management student. She writes for us monthly about a wide variety of topics. Oh, and she loves cheese, too.

Alex hails from Queensville and is a York University communications student. She writes for us monthly about the world around her. Rumour has it she  has a mean right hook in the kickboxing ring!

Kim Mortson

Kim and her team at Body Design write a monthly wellness column for us. They'll get you moving, educated, and healthy!

Susan Crema-Martin

Susan is a Certified Master Canadian Staging Professional who works with clients that are selling their home or looking for redesign assistance. She writes a monthly 'Living Spaces' column for us.

Moira Sanders

Moira is a local food expert and author of two cookbooks. She sends us recipes and photos of yummy foods every other month.

Allan McGillivray - Columnist

Allan is our resident historian. If it happened in Mount Albert, chances are Allan knows about it. In each Bulletin edition he takes a look back at 'The Way We Were'.

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some of his columns

Anne Hill

As past president of the East Gwillimbury Gardeners, Anne will help you get your garden in tip top shape. She writes for us monthly about all things gardening.

Dr. Chad Morton

Chad and his team at Mount Albert Chiropractic write a monthly wellness column for us. They'll help get you feeling better and loving life!

Lee Lander

Buying or Selling? Lee and Shai Lander can give you some great information and tips for a smooth transaction. Lee writes for us periodically throughout the year.

From December 2016 Issue:

The Mad Hatter of Mount Albert

Alex Tilley, of the famous Tilley hat and Tilley Endurables company, spent at least some of his formative years living in Mount Albert. His hats have become world-famous. This is the story of a man and a hat created a global apparel empire.

From February 2015 Issue:

Remembering Road to Avonlea

It's hard to believe that just 15 minutes from the East Gwillimbury border, early 20th Century history was re-imagined and shared with the world. A look back at CBC's popular "Road to Avonlea" television show, filmed in our own backyard.

Some of our favourite stories from previous Bulletin editions:

From December 2014 Issue:

Glass Tiger still wowing crowds

Nearly 30 years later, Alan Frew, Sam Reid, and the rest of Canadian rock band Glass Tiger look back on their amazing journey with fond memories. And this homegrown band is still wowing fans everywhere.

From March 2015 Issue:

Whipper Billy Watson

found international fame as a professional wrestler in the 1950s, but it was a serious accident outside of the ring that altered his path and motivated him to become an incredible local humanitarian and an ambassador across Canada for children with disabilities.

From March 2016 Issue:

Frankie Flowers comes to

East Gwillimbury

The Gardening Guru from CityTV's Breakfast Television dropped in to the Civic Centre in Sharon for an author talk and book signing event. We chatted with him for this feature story.

From July/August 2016 Issue:

Alan Doyle brings the Kitchen Party to Magna's Hoe-Down Event

Former Great Big Sea frontman Alan Doyle chatted with us on a sunny summer day in Sault Ste. Marie. Maybe it's the friendly Newfoundlander in him that makes people gravitate to his music. Or it might be because he's an amazingly talented musician...

From November 2016 Issue:

130 Years of History

Ghost stories, an early 90's bat infestation, a church manse, and the Prince Albert Pub. If only the walls of

69 Main Street - the 'Lloyd House' - in Mount Albert could talk.

From November 2014 Issue:

Still Crying Loud & Strong!

East Gwillimbury's official Town Crier, John Webster, brings a touch of history to local events. And giving proclamations isn't a job he takes lightly. In 1993, he hosted the World Competition for the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers in Markham; 107 town criers competed.